It Girl: Janine Renee

I have this friend Janine. She’s super fun, wicked smart and crazy ambitious. You NEED to meet her. Because she’s this month’s It Girl! So wait – what is an “it ...

A Tribute to Working Mothers, Part 4: Lots of Things

Welcome to Part 4 of my Tribute to Working Mothers (just one more to go after this)! If you missed the first three segments, you can catch ‘em here. And, ...

A Tribute to Working Mothers, Part 3: Managing it All

Welcome to Part 3 of my Tribute to Working Mothers! If you missed Parts 1 and 2, you can catch ‘em here. And, meet the mothers over here! This week, ...

Confession: Not Bendy

I can’t touch my toes. Gah! That’s so embarrassing to admit!  I used to dance ballet, for crying out loud. (And by “used to,” I mean 20+ years ago in my early youth) I’m a fit, healthy young woman. There is no reason for me to be so inflexible. In fact, it causes me great […]

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6 Stereotypes About “Being Sexy” That Need to Die in 2015

I’ve decided that 2015 is the year of ridding my life of bullshit. Mostly, I mean material clutter, but also drama, politics, stress and ridiculous stereotypes that piss me off. Like these. It’s time for a new, simplified definition of “sexy.”   1. The “Perfect” Body Good GAWD I loathe that phrase. I mean, it’s […]

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Book Club: #GIRLBOSS

I have never shopped at Nasty Gal. In fact, it’s a brand that had not even come upon my radar until “#GIRLBOSS” was recommended to me by a friend. And now, I am ob-sessed. This self-illustrated narrative tells the tale of Sophia Amoruso’s insane tango with success. This is a woman who started her business […]

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Confession: Jekyll & Hyde

Every woman wrestles with body image issues. But never are these more pronounced than at the beginning of the year, when being a gym rat is suddenly obligatory. In January, where I have ample opportunity to hide behind chunky sweaters and drapey tees, I fight a daily battle with my weight and how I feel […]

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Not-an-It-Girl, 2014: Top 10 Celeb Falls from Grace

Ah, 2014 has come and gone. What a year! As I pondered what a “recap” post might look like for this blog, I thought about highlighting the top “It Girls” of 2014. But I ran into an interesting quandary: there are SO many amazing, inspiring, powerful females in this world that it would be some […]

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A Tribute to Working Mothers, Part 2: Working + Mommy Guilt

Welcome to Part 2 of my Tribute to Working Mothers! If you missed Part 1, you can catch it here (topic: the hardest part about being a mother that works outside the home). And, meet the mothers here! There’s a general assumption that if you are a mother and work full-time outside of the home, […]

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I Swear, I Don’t Hate Feminists

YOU GUYS! I received a personal correspondence via my blog’s contact form! This is a big deal to me, because it can feel like I’m spewing all the thoughts and all the feels into my posts, but when I don’t see comments or any reaction to them, I start to wonder if I’m talking to […]

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A Tribute to Working Mothers, Part 1: The Transition

DID YOU KNOW: Working moms spend an average of 37 hours per week working, yet spend more than double that amount of time (80 hours per week) on chores, childcare, and home responsibilities. Regardless of whether they work part-time or full-time, more than a third of moms surveyed (35 percent) feel like they’re always falling […]

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A Tribute to Working Mothers: Meet the Moms!

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Confession: Sunday Nerdery

I’m launching a new weekly series here on Get It, Girl. It’s designed to celebrate all of the idiosyncrasies that make us different and wonderfully human. The series is called “Confession,” and will highlight a shameful (or not so shameful) admission of embarrassing behavior that you habitually exhibit. I’d love to have featured confessions sometime […]

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