30 Day Pinterest Plank Challenge

Okay, where are my Pinterest junkies? I’m sure you’re familiar with the varieties of “plank challenge” pins making the rounds. Well I’m calling their bluff. For the next 30 days, I will do the Pinterest Plank Challenge. Oh yes. I want a rock hard core and I’m on a mission to see if these pins have any merit. Pinterest thinks it can transform my abs?

Challenge accepted.

30-day Pinterest Plank Challenge… commence!

Pinterest 30-Day Plank Challenge

Check back here for daily updates and progress photos. Anyone interested in joining me? C’mon, you can do it!

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Day 1: 20 Seconds

Oh please. 20-second plank, you’s my b*tch.

Planking Challenge Day 1

Please excuse my extreme pastiness. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to properly sun myself for summer. (Also, I had just finished a 3-mile run, so the sweat isn’t doing anything for my skin tone.)

Day 2: 20 Seconds

Child’s play. I’m not even breaking a sweat! (Well actually, I am, but that was from my run. Don’t attribute the glisten to the level of effort it takes to complete a 20-second plank.)

Day 2 - 20 Second Plank

Yes, I am planking in the locker room.

Day 3: 30 seconds

I’m not gonna lie, the last 10 seconds were a tad rough. Maybe I should complete my planking BEFORE the balance of my workout, instead of at the tail end. I need to do a better job of setting myself up for success here!

Day 4: 30 seconds

Isn’t my awkward dancing endearing? Almost as cute as Michael’s “Zombies of the Stratosphere” poster in the background, right? (Bahaha!)

Day 5: 40 seconds

Pinterest Plank Challenge Day 5

Yeah, alright, this was a bit of a challenge. At the 25 second mark, my mid-section began shaking uncontrollably. The shaking increased in intensity until I reached 40 and collapsed on the ground, flopping around like a weak, wet noodle.

How am I going to do 1 minute next week?!


Day 6: Rest

Thank. God.


Day 7: 45 seconds

Pinterest Plank Challenge Day 7

Me. Collapsed in a sweaty ball of weakness after completing 45 seconds.

Wow, so either I was having a really off day, or I allowed myself to get much further out of shape than I initially thought. You guys, it was embarrassing how difficult a mere 45 seconds was for me. I may have gotten myself in way over my head on this challenge… but I can’t back down now because I’ve been mouthing off and shit-talking the Pinterest Plank Challenge all over the place. GAH!


Day 8: 45 seconds

I accidentally got drunk while cooking dinner. Oops. Gonna regret that tomorrow…


Day 9: 1 minute

This should be interesting, seeing as how I slacked off yesterday and am traveling for work today. I’ll post a pained planking selfie from my hotel room later.

. | . | . | . | .

You guys: I just had the best customer service experience ever. See the below tweets…


Needless to say, I did a 1-minute plank… with flying colors! Thanks, Kimpton Hotels, for being such an awesome supporter.



Day 10: 1 minute

Crushed it. Who knew?? 1 minute isn’t that bad, if you mentally break it up into four 15-second segments.


Day 11: 1 minute

Ugh, I did it again. Added the plank to the END of my workout. I had completed 5 10-15-minute Pilates segments on Blogilates, one of which was an “ultimate core” workout. After all of that, it seemed apropos to complete my 1-minute plank. Why not? I had crushed it yesterday, after all. I was a pro at this 1-minute thing.


I was shaking uncontrollably for the last 20 seconds. I’m talking like, an 8 on the Richter Scale. I’m surprised my spastic shaking didn’t make me lose my balance and tumble to the ground in a heap of failure.

Tomorrow: I plank FIRST.


Day 12: 1.5 minute

Okay, so this wasn’t as horrifying as it could have been! I started my plank BEFORE the rest of my workout, and mentally broke it into 3 segments of 30-seconds. Totally do-able and not as intimidating.

Admittedly, the last 20 seconds were TOUGH, but I didn’t feel as though my midsection was burning with the fire of a thousand suns. So I’ve got that going for me.


Day 13: Rest



Day 14: 1.5 minute

So yeah.



Day 15: 1.5 minute

Did I ever tell you about the time I drank whiskey and then tried to plank for 90 seconds? COMICAL. (And hard!) Gawd, I’m such a lush.




Okay, so I’ve had to put the brakes on this plank challenge for a few days. I did this crazy calves workout over on Blogilates and I haven’t been able to walk for 2 days. (No seriously, I cannot even straighten my legs. It’s actually quite hilarious. I’ll see if Michael will take a video.) I’m hoping I’ll be feeling OK enough tomorrow to resume and tackle 2 minutes!



After a 3-day rest and a long weekend of family wedding-ness, I am ready to get back on the plank track. The problem is, I tried to do a 2-minute plank today and FAILED miserably.

Now, I was able to complete a 1-minute plank before collapsing in a pitiful fetal position… AND, I did it in a full Pilates plank position, instead of propped up on my elbows. Much. Harder.



My plan is to use the next 2-3 days to plank in the above position until I can do it for 2 minutes. Then, I’ll resume the Challenge beginning with Day 16.




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