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Hi. I’m Carolyn. The loudmouth behind Get It, Girl.

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You ever hear that trite saying, “don’t live to work – work to live”? Overuse and cheesiness aside, there’s some merit to it. Many individuals build their lives around their careers. Most of us dedicate 60-70% of our waking hours to work-related activities. Hobbies, diet, exercise, and social & family pursuits have all taken a back seat to work at some point in our lives.

I mean…


I am so over being told that my career should come first, or what work-life balance should look like. Moreover, because I am a woman, I’m especially over hearing that I can’t have a family AND a career. AND pursue passion projects on the side. AND keep up with the Kardashians.

Yes. I. Can.

This site is all about a celebration of female badassery. No, not in an aggressive “we’re-the-superior-gender” sort of way. But, it’s designed to celebrate the true essence of feminism in the way that women were meant to lift each other up when they affect positivity and fulfillment in their lives.

Everything is fair game here. Let’s toast to the career highs, the scarf you just learned to knit, your baby’s first words, that bomb pair of jeans you’re rocking today (down a size from last month, thankyouverymuch), the Beef Wellington you taught yourself to cook last night, the sweet gel mani-pedi you just gave yourself (because you totally deserve it), the fascinating Gillian Flynn novel you just read… and the list goes on.

Get It Girl - A celebration of female badassery

Because you CAN do it all. When someone tells you otherwise, it’s more a reflection of their limitations than yours.

So get it, girl.

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