Already Behind: Why This Week is a Wet Fart

Update, March 1: 

Today was my first official training run. I was due for 5 miles, but since Columbus was buried under snow and ice, I had to hit the treadmill. And I only had about 30 minutes because the gym closed earlier than I anticipated. Nonetheless, I ran 3.11 miles at a pace of 9:12 per mile – my fastest 5k ever!

And the cherry on top… I received the below comment from my friend Emily (one of my featured Working Mothers):

Though I am far from the expert on fitness or running, I think I can say with certainty that you are NOT a slacker. I’ve learned (through a very harsh reality check) that you have to listen to and respect your body. So if you’re not feeling well, the best thing you can do is wait until you are better before putting it through work again. While it is great to have goals and to want to beat your time by x number, what is the worst thing that will happen if you don’t meet that exact goal? You will be disappointed, but nothing catastrophic will occur. The world will not stop revolving on its axis, Ben and Jerry will not stop making ice cream…. bottom line is that it will be ok.

Here’s a tale from my own personal experience. I recently signed up to do my first 5k at the end of March. I know that’s small potatoes to you, but for me it’s a huge deal. so at the end of January I joined a gym and I started going almost every day. My goal was to walk/jog 30 min on the treadmill according to this mayo clinic training schedule I found online. I also did a dance aerobics class and I thought I was kicking arse. Then, after two weeks, my back started to really hurt. I’ve had this kind of pain before, but it usually goes away after a day or two. So despite the pain I still went and did my thing. This did not go away, and I could hardly get up off the floor of the gym one morning. So I went to the Dr, and she told me no more jogging, no more elliptical machine, no more dance aerobics, no more yoga. I’m only allowed to walk on the treadmill (not fast!) And I can swim. I also had an Mri and it shows two bulging discs in my back. Now I get to do physical therapy twice a week and I have to see a specialist in a month.

I promise there is a point to this drawn out tale of woe. the point is, that I am undeterred. I am still going to do my 5k, however my goal of jogging the thing is not going to happen. I have to walk it, but there is no shame in that. My new goal is to finish without needing medical attention (ok, who are we kidding, that was always my goal!) The point is I have to adapt because of circumstances beyond my control, and you MAY have to do the same (but you might not because you are awesome and what’s one little week?) But if you do have to make some adjustments to your goals, you’ll do it and it will be great, and you’ll still kick ass at the race. Because that’s what get it girls do.


This week has been one unexpected wet fart.



I was supposed to begin training for the Cap City Half Marathon this week. This will be my third half and, while I PR’d (by like, 2 minutes) last time, I have been determined to blow my time up by a solid 15 minutes or so.

Since the last race, I’ve been diligent about stretching and strength training (doing a lot of Blogilates’ POP Pilates videos), and have meticulously mapped out my aggressive training plan. Admittedly, I was a tad frightened even just looking at the Week 1 Plan, which already had me hitting 8 miles on my Saturday run. Wowza. But hey, I have a goal to reach. BRING IT!

I even made a fun investment as of late to jump start my running…




Aren’t they just f*cking gorgeous? I adore Brooks running shoes. The last pair I bought were actually Nike, and I finished the October Half Marathon with blisters covering nearly the entire surface area of my feet. JANKY. So it’s back to Brooks and I’ll never stray again.

Needless to say, I was inordinately excited to start kicking some treadmill ass this week. And then I got sick.

At first, I thought it was a cold, but this is lingering with a vengeance. None of the 4 varietals of medicinal cocktails I’ve whipped up seems to be making progress. I’ve missed 2 runs this week and I am not even close to feeling better. Which means that I will miss an entire week of an already short and aggressive training schedule.

I feel like a slacker.

I feel worried.

I feel defeated. Already.

I feel like there’s NO WAY that I will make my goal time.

I am officially in Debbie Downer mode.

Help! How do I stop feeling sorry for myself and start being optimistic?


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