Beach Getaway Packing List

With a hard-earned vacation on the horizon, I’m reminded of the fact that I am a notoriously inefficient packer. Like most women, I enjoy having options for whatever occasion may arise while on the road. But I’m the first to complain about carting hefty luggage through a crowded airport full of ignorantly ambling a-holes.

The last vacation we took was to Cancun. In my excitement for the trip, I had purchased about $1,000 worth of new attire. So new, in fact, that I hadn’t even worn most of it yet. I cluelessly packed it all away with the tags still intact. Upon arrival at our resort, I opened my suitcase to find that ALL of my new items had been removed from my suitcase.

Stolen? Maybe. Intercepted by customs because of the tags? Perhaps. Karma conspiracy to ruin my vacation. ABSO-F*CKING-LUTELY.

Quite literally, all I had left with me was 1 swim suit, 2 pair of shorts, 2 tank tops, 1 sundress, 1 maxi dress and a fugly blouse that I didn’t recall even packing. I had to somehow stretch that threadbare (pun intended) wardrobe across a 6-night stay? FML.

But I somehow made it work. It helps that I have an incredibly sweet boyfriend who thinks I am beautiful all the time (that, and the fact that I was varying shades of intoxicated the entire time).

But for this vacation, I am going to embrace this minimalist spirit and only pack what is essential for drunken, gluttonous resort survival. Gut-check me here, ladies, am I missing anything critical?

Beach Getaway Packing List


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