Columbus (Half) Marathon: Done-zo

Well. It’s over. After 14 weeks of training and mental prep, the half marathon is finished. It’s a rather anti-climactic feeling… kind of like when you meet a Tinder match in person for the first time and their IRL (“in real life”) face is a mere shadow of their flattering, selfie-rich online profile (so I’ve heard)… womp womp!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty upset with my performance in the race. To be fair, I ran well: shaved 2 minutes off of my first half-marathon pace and, despite having NO working headphones for the first 6 miles, I ran strong until about mile 10 when things start to get fuzzy (is it possible to black out when sober?). Because I felt so much stronger compared to the Cap City Half, I thought that surely I had smoked my last time. But when I crossed the finish and received that text alert with my unofficial time (yes, I subscribed to my own text alerts, how nerdy), my first thought was, “SONOFABITCH! Okay, I need to sign up for the Cap City Half again.”

I was so glad to have my amazing friend Sarah with me to help regulate my pace and keep me going throughout the course.

Photo Oct 19, 7 18 35 AM


And what would I have done without Michael and Maddy being there to cheer me on and bring me new headphones?! (Funny story: they were trying to catch me for about 4 miles in a row to do the headphones hand-off, but Sarah and I were moving too fast for them – they kept missing us. Another reason why I thought I’d smoke my previous time.)

Photo Oct 19, 10 30 04 AM


Although I don’t have a photo of them (because I saw them during the black-out period of miles 10-12), my brother and sister-in-law managed to find me in the crowd. It was right when I caved to the exhaustion and started walking. Then suddenly, there was Anissa in my face screaming. What a perfectly-timed pick-me-up!

And how about my awesome sister Amy and her boyfriend Andrew? They were able to watch me cross the finish line and hang out for a few photo ops.

Photo Oct 19, 10 30 14 AM

Photo Oct 19, 10 37 42 AM

(At least I got to ring the PR Gong!)


Photo Oct 19, 10 00 39 AM

Touche, dude.


After having a week to reflect, I think I figured this out… while training for my first half, I used a treadmill almost exclusively. Hence, why I felt so weak during the entire race. This time around, I trained exclusively outdoors. Hence, why I felt so fantastic. But, what I still haven’t focused on is speed work. My friend Ariana wrote a fabulous blog entry on the importance of training slow, but working in at least one speed workout per week. *light bulb moment*

Cap City, I’m coming for you. And, 2:10:00 – your ass is mine.



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