Commitment to Clean Eating – Food Prep Sunday

You may or may not know this about me, but… I love me some food. I love to buy it, prep it, cook it, eat it and Instagram it. Call me a foodie, call me obsessed, call me a nerd – I don’t care, I love food!

I try to consistently maintain a lifestyle of clean eating (being mindful of food’s pathway between its origin and your plate – no processed foods!), but every once in awhile a bag of Cheetohs or McDonald’s french fries will overtake my healthy willpower. Now, I don’t beat myself up when I surrender to the tasty prowess of processed foods. Instead, I acknowledge that I am human and therefore, I am weak, and mistakes happen. Then I promptly get right back on course.

I find that, just like the Plank Challenge, I need to set myself up for success when it comes to clean eating.Taking some time to do a bit of food prep over the weekend helps me to stay committed to eating well throughout a busy work week.I rarely have time to prep every week like Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean, but I do aim for a Food Prep Sunday at least once a month.

Check out what I’m noshing on this week:


Clean Eating Food Prep


  1. Jennie-O’s Turkey Burgers. Seriously the BEST turkey burgers I’ve ever had. Slap one of those babies on a Sandwich Thin and you’ve got a quick, delicious lunch!
  2. Hard-boiled eggs. Maybe I’m weird, but I love to just eat these as-is for breakfast (yay, protein!). I also enjoy slicing them up and throwing atop a salad.
  3. Spinach. I hate buying the pre-bagged spinach. It’s so… limp. So I buy the fresh bunches and then rinse and chop myself.
  4. Red grapes. I’m so horrible at getting enough fruit in my diet, so bagging these up in a single-serve to-go method makes it so much easier.
  5. Cantelope. Courtesy of last week’s Green Bean Delivery. This will be great for a dessert with some Cool Whip, or with some prosciutto for breakfast.
  6. Green beans. Washed, cut and ready for dinner. Or, just as a crunchy snack by themselves. I love the fresh, earthy flavor.
  7. Tofu. I sauteed in a bit of extra virgin olive oil with sea salt and black pepper. Gonna throw these bad boys on my spinach salad at lunch today.
  8. Black beans. Because fiber.
  9. Green pepper. Gonna eat the shit out of these with some hummus.
  10. Orange slices. Same thing as with the grapes.
  11. Green onions. Having these pre-sliced makes it SO easy to throw some on a salad for extra flavor, or in any of my dinner dishes.
  12. Superfood to-go cups. Strawberries + blueberries. Stay away, cancer, you whore!


What about you guys? What types of foods do you prep?


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