Confession: Not Bendy

I can’t touch my toes.


Gah! That’s so embarrassing to admit! 

I used to dance ballet, for crying out loud. (And by “used to,” I mean 20+ years ago in my early youth) I’m a fit, healthy young woman. There is no reason for me to be so inflexible.

In fact, it causes me great anxiety when I think about birthing a child someday. Will I be able to pull my legs up far enough to push out a whole human head? Or will my baby get stuck because my inflexibility has him or her permanently wedged down in my nether regions? I mean, this shit legitimately keeps me up at night on occasion.

So to this end, I am working very hard on improving my flexibility through focused Pilates. After several weeks of regular practice and consistent Rollups, I am about 2 inches away from being able to touch my toes in a seated position. SO CLOSE!


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