Confession: Jekyll & Hyde

Every woman wrestles with body image issues. But never are these more pronounced than at the beginning of the year, when being a gym rat is suddenly obligatory. In January, where I have ample opportunity to hide behind chunky sweaters and drapey tees, I fight a daily battle with my weight and how I feel about it.

I’ll hit a solid stride where I’m diligent in my work outs, water consumption and clean eating habits… but then “reward” myself with a two-day binge that has my skinny jeans feel even skinnier and the self-deprecating voice in my head sound even angrier.

It’s as if there is a Jekyll and Hyde duel constantly happening in my head.



It’s not so much about actually EATING so terribly, or failing to EXERCISE for like, a month at a time. It’s more a mental challenge. So for example, if I go two days without visiting the gym, or make poor food choices for more than 3 meals in a row, I hate on myself like whoa. I can notice the subtle changes in my abs and arms (my personal problem areas). And I let those changes suck me into a downward spiral of body image hell.

Am I crazy? Am I the only one for which this yo-yo of body image insanity happens on the regular?

(Please say no.)


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