Get Creative with Your Closet

You’ve just spent all Saturday on the couch in sweatpants binge-watching Real Housewives and gorging on all the cheese in your refrigerator. It’s been the most glorious, gluttonous day you’ve had in six months and, ya know what, you’ve earned it. But eventually, 5:30 rolls around and you have the proverbial “Oh shit!” moment.

In a matter of 60 minutes, you need to clean up your crusty ass and look presentable for dinner and a night out with friends. But you haven’t given a single thought to what you’re going to wear. And you know everyone you’re going to see will be dressed impeccably, so you’d better ditch the beloved sweatpants and bring your A game.

This was me on Saturday night. Everything in my closet felt tired and I had no time to run to the mall. So I did what any fashion-conscious gal would do: closed my eyes and grabbed a random item from my tops and another from my bottoms.

Um, shit. I drew the crop top.

The one that looked so adorable on the Zara model, but that I had been way too scurred to wear, thanks to a squishy and pasty mid-section (yeah, that Pinterest Plank Challenge? Not really working out so well).

In my other hand? A black pencil skirt from The Limited circa 2007. Which I have worn exactly 2 times in my tenure at a large Private Bank.

Being that I didn’t have time to mess with this, and I had yet to shower, I just said, “f*ck it!” and decided to make it work. (Look at me, being bold)



Photo Jul 26, 11 08 06 PM


Top: Zara

Skirt: The Limited

Shoes: Express

Necklace: Express

Ring: Express


So the lesson I’ve learned here is this: I need to slow down on compulsively buying new clothes when there is a social event. I can make old clothes new by mixing things up and pairing unexpected items. I can’t believe I never thought to wear this combo before! I’m gonna have to play this blind match game more often.




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