It Girl: Amy Clark

So look. Amy owns her own business, takes kick-ass pictures (including my recent head shots thank-you-very-much), is a wife and mother of two, oh wait she owns a SECOND business, and exudes confidence, snark and wit. She’s just the kind of woman you look at and think, “Damn, that’s an ‘it girl.'”

So wait – what is an “it girl?” A woman who has her shit together. Someone who is doing amazing things both personally and professionally. Someone who is affecting positivity in her local community. Someone that, simply put, people look up to.

Read on and meet Amy Clark, official It Girl.


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Name: Amy Clark


Twitter: @amykayclark

Instagram: @amykayclark


What do you do?

What do I DO?! What do I not do?!

Haha… well I am the owner and head photographer of Amy Clark Studios in the Short North. Amy Clark Studios is a photo studio providing contemporary photography for just about anyone with a fun style looking for a unique, quirky photo session and images to last a lifetime. We photograph everything from weddings to newborns to bloggers to families! I love the challenge of every day being different. I never know what I will be photographing from one day to the next.

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In addition to the photography, I also have a jewelry and accessories business called Bernie Bean Boutique. I create jewelry, scarves, and other accessories almost completely from upcycled items. I have necklaces and earrings created from spent gun shells, handstamped coin necklaces with actual flattened coins, scarves made with vintage clothing pieces. I love finding some unique item that would normally be thrown away and turn it into something new. I have an online shop as well as items in both Simply Vague and Kifle stores.

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Aside from my “jobs”, I have been married to my amazing husband for the past 14 years. We have two boys, Chasen (11) and Kyan (8). Both of my boys are on the autism spectrum so I am constantly running from one meeting to another, school drop offs, sports practices, therapies, doctors, etc. I love funky fashion, reality competition shows, shopping, coffee, whiskey, and hair dye.


What is the mission/purpose of your site/blog?

Our website and blog are primarily used to share photographs from recent sessions for our current clients as well as educate potential future clients on our services but we also use our blog and Facebook page to share new trends, highlight other amazing vendors in the area or give tips and tricks for wedding planning. Our website is more of a portfolio and session information site where as the blog gives you a better idea of who we are and what we do.


When you think of an “It Girl” what words or phrases come to mind?

I immediately think: Strong, Confident, Independent. The funny thing is, these are words that many would use to describe me (and I would as well…now) but this wasn’t the case 10 years ago. I am a totally different person now in my 30s than I was in my 20s.

Back in my 20s, I spent all my time trying to be an “It Girl” by trying to fit in. I strived to find that confidence by being like everyone else. It wasn’t until I threw that idea out the window, did my own thing, and held my head high, that I truly found myself. I now know that I AM an “It Girl” because I am me.


Who is your role model and why?

Professionally speaking, I would say my parents are my role models. They both own successful businesses, are active and well respected in their community, and still find the time to relax and vacation together often. I have always looked up to my parents and always will.

My fashion role model has always been Gwen Stefani. Ever since my sophomore year in high school, I have been obsessed with her. I love that she takes style risks (even if they aren’t always great) and isn’t afraid to be her own person. My hair has officially been every color under the sun and will continue to change often. My style is always evolving and I am always trying out new things…even if they aren’t necessarily in the popular trends.


What inspires you?

I take inspiration from the world around me. I know that sounds cliche but it is true. I may see a location that just screams PHOTO SESSION so I jump to set something up. I may find a fun pair of leggings at Target and create an entire outfit from them. Sometimes I see something on Pinterest that just sparks that DIY inside me to create something fun.

I am constantly creating something out of nothing.

My dad took me to a shooting range to teach me to shoot a gun and while I was there, I saw all these old gun shells laying on the ground. I scooped them up and created a whole line of jewelry from them for my Bernie Bean Boutique shop.


If you could impart ANY advice on your 20-year-old self, what would it be?

Be yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else says is the “right thing” to do or be or say. Don’t conform. You are amazing just as you are and eventually you will realize that. Don’t give up on your dreams. It will be a long and bumpy road, but you will be okay!


What are you afraid of?

Failure. I have always been afraid of failure. It is something I am working on. :-)


What is the best or most rewarding thing you’ve ever done?

Becoming a mom will always be the best thing I have ever done. As busy as I am, my family will always come first. I love the chats with my boys on car rides to and from school. I love special little “lunch dates” on days off school. I love the random times when I hear, “Mom…lets watch a movie and cuddle!”.

I will always put down my phone, turn off the laptop, and stop everything to share a moment with my kids. They are my light and my life.



What’s currently on your playlist?

Hmmm…my music preferences are all across the board:


What was the last thing you ate?

A whole wheat English muffin with pumpkin spice cream cheese and a coffee.


What was the best book you’ve read recently?

Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Series. Deliciously addicting series featuring sexy tattoo’d guys falling in love but the twist is that the books all involve the Maddox brothers meeting and falling in love at the same time frame but from their different perspectives. You are literally reading about the same situations over the course of one year in each book but with different characters. Its confusing to explain but trust me…they are great!


Who is your celebrity crush?

Adam Levine. *all that ink!!
Ian Somerholder. *but ONLY as Damon in The Vampire Diaries
Ryan Reynolds. *funny AND sexy


What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Reality TV but only those shows with real people in difficult situations – Survivor, Utopia, the Amazing Race, MTV Challenges, etc.

Whiskey and limes.

Changing my hair color all the time.



Know an “It Girl,” or would you like to be featured yourself (it’s okay, I won’t judge)? Drop me a note.


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