Punta Cana Vacation Recap

Most of you know that Michael and I recently dedicated some time to have a vacation away in Punta Cana. It’s so important to make time to nurture your mind, body and soul… and relationship! It was 10 kinds of amazing and no blog recap will ever do it justice. So I plan to just let the photos speak for themselves. However, I will make a few points (in no particular order) about the experience.

I loved getting to use my Spanish! Granted, it was a few parsed phrases here and there – just enough to eke by with the locals – but it made me realize how much of the language I had lost. I studied it for 6 years and all I had to show were a handful of conjugated verbs. It really made me want to brush up. As far as I could tell, Michael and I were¬†the only Americans at our resort that were¬†making any effort to communicate in the native language. It occurred to me how intolerant “we” are as a nation – how we expect all immigrants to conform to us and learn our language, but we cannot do the same when visiting another country. Wherever we go, we expect the situation to flex to our American ways. (I know I’m generalizing and that there are exceptions)

Now, this was an all-inclusive resort and I learned a few things about all-inclusives that may be helpful to you if you visit one in the future:

  • The staff are hustlers! Not necessarily in a good way. They are persistent in trying to get you to upgrade, book additional services and activities, and there is a heavy expectation to tip everyone for everything. It’s a lot of pressure to shell out even more money for an already pricey trip. Rude.
  • Order doubles! The drinks are “free” which means they pour them weak. So just order doubles and save yourself some time and frustration if you’re looking to “get after it.”
  • Don’t do your hair! It’s so damn humid that whatever you do to it is going to be wrecked in a hot minute anyway. Throw some product in, and do a side braid or bun and go.
  • Kayaks are free! Actually, it’s probably more than kayaks, but each resort has a series of “equipment” you can “rent” for free. So skip paying for a costly excursion and just take a kayak out on the ocean. Bonus: it’s a solid arm workout!
  • Speaking of work out, do it! Some people equate a vacation with complete and total relaxation/laziness. In my mind, it’s about indulging and nurturing your mind, body and soul. And for me, working out is a critical part of this.

Okay, on to the pics…


Photo Sep 29, 3 18 45 PM

Photo Oct 01, 11 37 31 AM (1)

Photo Oct 01, 4 53 16 PM

Photo Sep 29, 5 10 29 PM

Photo Sep 29, 5 05 16 PM

Photo Sep 29, 3 21 44 PM

Photo Sep 29, 5 11 13 PM

Photo Sep 29, 3 21 41 PM

Photo Sep 29, 3 56 07 PM

Photo Sep 29, 5 17 07 PM

Photo Sep 29, 5 10 50 PM

Photo Oct 03, 2 54 03 PM

Photo Oct 03, 3 09 20 PM

Photo Oct 03, 3 11 03 PM

Photo Oct 03, 3 17 07 PM

Photo Oct 03, 3 18 11 PM

Photo Oct 03, 3 23 19 PM

Photo Sep 29, 5 42 10 PMPhoto Sep 29, 5 43 03 PMPhoto Sep 29, 5 42 43 PM

Photo Sep 30, 10 02 02 AM

Photo Oct 02, 2 35 07 PM (1)Photo Oct 01, 1 48 57 PM

Photo Sep 30, 1 32 37 PM (1)


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