{recap} Book-Themed Baby Shower

Last weekend, my sisters and I had the pleasure of throwing a precious, explosion-of-cute baby shower for my younger sister, Maureen (who blogs over at Mosey Prose). She will be having the first grandchild in the family sometime in July (Itty Bitty One’s due date is the 26th, but he’s growing quickly!). Since Mo requested that attendees bring their favorite children’s book to kick-start the baby’s library, we thought that a book-themed baby shower was perfect.

I scoured the interwebs for all of the baby shower resources I could find and, let me tell you, it was difficult tracking down everything I needed for such a unique theme! Take a peek at how it came together below. If you like what you see, I’ve included links from where I drew inspiration. If you’re super geeked about pulling this off, drop me a note and I’d be happy to share all of my templates (invitations, well wishes, etc.) with you.

And, congrats to my dear sister Mosey and her husband Ryan on the impending arrival of Itty Bitty One!


The Invitations

Once Upon a Baby Shower Invitation

Designed by yours truly. All of the shower’s paper items carried this theme.


The Food


My mother made all of the food. Culinary genius, that one. As for the place cards, I just picked up some basic ones from Jo-Ann Fabric, stalked all of the book characters on Google Images, and hand-wrote the dish names (sorry for the serial killer-esque handwriting, I suck at penmanship).

The Decor


For all books that were gifted, we crafted these adorable catalog “check out” cards (from Love vs Design) and stamped them with Mo’s due date. Guests signed with their name. So adorbs.

The Favors


Super easy DIY bath salt recipe from Everything Etsy.

The Parents to Be

Mosey Prose

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It feels amazing to do something special for my sister, who is such a warm, loving person!


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