What Scared Me Last Week: Pilates

I think it’s healthy to do something that scares you every so often. This week, I embraced the fear of trying pilates and jumped right in.

“But CK, why the hell are you scared of pilates if you just ran a half marathon?”

It’s a little something called…

I’m not bendy.

Like, at all. Add to that the fact that I have zero core strength and voila! It’s a recipe for my worst nightmare: failing spectacularly at something. But, I suppose that if we only ever did things we’re good at, then this life would be BAF. (Boring As F*ck)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my bendiness (or lack thereof), and… (now this is going to sound RIDIC) I would really, REALLY like to be able to touch my toes someday. So I thought that pilates would improve my flexibility while building up my core strength just in time for half marathon #2 in October. Luckily, I came across one of my favorite new bloggers, Cassey at Blogilates. Her POP Pilates for Beginners video guided me through and I was able to complete the basic mat workout with zero embarrassment and little obstacles (I did have to stop once to relieve the exhaustion in my hip – oh GAWD do I sound old!).

The best part?

The day after my workout, I felt the best kind of sore I’d felt in a very long time. Not the “oh shit, I can barely walk” kind of sore. The “holy hell, that was a glorious workout, I feel refreshed and stronger and oh wait, my pants even fit a tad looser today” kind of sore. I can’t wait to get back on my mat and gradually expand my pilates repertoire!

What fitness goals do you have? Anything that you’re a bit scared to try?


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